Command Name Description Notesup
tkcvs Graphical CVS and svn client Path is /usr/local/tkcvs/bin
visit Visualisation tool Only on zen-viz. Path is /usr/local/visit/bin
paraview Visualisation tool In default path on zen-viz
ncl NCAR Command Language Enable with module load ncl
matlab Matlab Enable with module load matlab
R Statistics package Enable with module load R
fcm Met Office configuration management system Enable with module load fcm
ds9 FITS file viewer  
emacs Text editor  
eog Image viewer  
gnuplot The gnuplot plotting package  
gv Ghostview postscript and PDF viewer  
joe Text editor  
kvis FITS file viewer  
nco netCDF operators  
ncview netCDF viewer  
nedit Text editor  
vi Text editor  

Library Name Description Notes
libnetcdf Library for handling the netCDF file format Located at /sw/netcdf-3.6.2, use module load netcdf to add to path
libcfitsio Library for handling FITS files Located at /sw/fits, use module load cfitsio to add to path
libgsl GNU scientific library Located at /sw/gsl, use module load gsl to add to path
libhealpix.a Healpix library Located at /sw/Healpix/Healpix_3.11

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