File Systems on Zen

There are two file systems (/home and /data) on Zen where you can store files. All file systems are RAID, which offers some protection against disk failures, but only home is backed up. Quotas are in use on all these file systems, you can use the quota command to see how much quota you have and how much space you have used.

Home (mounted on /home)

This is for storing small files which need to be backed up (e.g. source code and configuration files). Any files and directories which do not need to be backed up should be put into a directory called SCRATCH. The most recent backup of your home directory can be found at /exeter/rsync/zen-storage2-1-home/username with older backups kept in the date stamped directories /exeter/rsync/YYYY-MM-DD/zen-storage2-1-home/username, where YYYY-MM-DD indicates the year, month and day of the backup.

Data (mounted on /data)

This is for storing larger files and is where your job should write its output.

Useful commands

Find out your quota, and how much space you have used, in convenient units

quota -s -Q

Find out how full /scratch is:

df -h /scratch

Find out how much space mydir is taking up:

du -hs mydir

See what sizes your files are:

ls -lh

-- DavidAcreman - 04 Jul 2008

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