If you have recently arrived in Exeter or are soon to arrive there are a wealth of admin issues you will have to deal with. This is an attempt to collate as many as possible, though I am sure the list will be non-exhaustive. For a much broader view take a look at the Welcome to Exeter wiki pages.

When you first join our astronomy group you will need to find your

  • Desk - this may have been assigned to you before you get here. Ask your supervisor for details

  • Computer - What computer will you be using and is it already here? Your supervisor should have sorted/thought about sorting this for you before you come. Either way, ask them for more details

  • Unicard - Available from Northcote House (room 153). Your first one is free. The card can also get you into the Physics building 'after-hours' (after 6pm) once you've set a PIN at the school office (6th floor). This is also your NUS card, your card for entry to the sports hall (if you're a member) and your library card

  • Astro email - you need to ask John Rowe to set this up for you. It is possible that you need to have your University email address set up first (see below)

  • E-mail lists - For the astro email list, you need to ask John Rowe to add you. For the School of Physics email lists, this should be done automatically. However make sure that you are receiving emails that are sent to all the postgrads and those sent to all members of the School of Physics

  • University e-mail - Available once you've registered using their online IT activation page. You can access your emails via the web

General information when you first come to the University:

  • Also, take a look at the University's web page for new students.
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