The astrophysics group in Exeter was founded in 2001 (or thereabouts?). For a look at the group circa September 2004 see

Please feel free to add details of your own work and areas of research.

Academic Staff

Prof. Matthew Bate - SPH simulations of star formation.

Prof. Mark McCaughrean (Head of Group) - Infrared observations of star formation regions, HH objects, low mass stars and brown dwarfs

Prof. Tim Naylor (Head of School) - Optical observations of star formation regions, colour-magnitude diagrams

Dr. Suzanne Aigrain - Observations of transiting exoplanets and eclipsing binaries

Dr. Chris Brunt - Radio and sub-mm observations of molecular clouds and star formation regions

Dr. Tim Harries - Observations and modelling of circumstellar discs and magnetospheric accretion, radiation transfer codes

Dr. Jenny Patience - Infrared and mm observations of star formation and planet host stars, interferometry and simultaneous differential imaging.

Dr. Frédéric Pont - Photometric and spectroscopic observations of exoplanets.


Dr. Alasdair Allan

Dr. Jennifer Hatchell

Dr. Daniel Price


Dr. Dave Acreman

Dr. Clare Dobbs

Dr. Tracey Hill

Dr. Kacper Kornet

Dr. Nathan Mayne

Dr. Christophe Pinte

Dr. Eric Saunders

Dr. Nick Tothill


Dr. Mike McCulloch (Honorary Fellow)

Dr. John Rowe (System Administrator)


Supervisor name in brackets

Aude Alapini (S. Aigrain)

Ben Ayliffe (M. Bate)

Cameron Bell (T. Naylor)

Catia Cardoso (M. McCaughrean)

Laurence Eyles

David Hogg (J. Patience)

Robert King (M. McCaughrean)

Farzana Meru (M. Bate)

David Rundle (T. Harries) - Molecular line radiative transfer using TORUS

Past Members

Last known location listed.

Dr. Gennaro D'Angelo - NASA Ames

Dr. Andy Bunker - Oxford

Dr. Ben Burningham - Hertfordshire

Dr. Kuenley Chiu - ?

Dr. Howard Cohl - New Zealand. Doing another PhD on Green's functions

Dr. Stuart Littlefair - Sheffield

Dr. Ryuichi Kurosawa - University of Las Vegas in Nevada

Dr. Chris Reeves - St Andrews

Dr. Neil Symington - St Andrews

Dr. Stuart Whitehouse - Basel

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